Fully Automated Luxury Influencer 1-3

CUSS (Johannesburg)

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Conceptual focus of this work by multidisciplinary collectice CUSS is on the rise of ‘influencer culture’. While marketing discourse presents the relationship between influencers and their consumer group as mutually beneficial, CUSS are highlighting its darker and parasitic side. Their aim is not to produce a literal, sociological treatise but rather to explore the many facets of contemporary influence through metaphor. Therefore, FULLY AUTOMATED LUXURY INFLUENCER 1-3 uses genre tropes of science fiction and horror to map the surreal dimensions of influence.

Film   Questioning Western Lifestyle  

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CUSS GROUP’s activities have spanned the founding of a web television initiative, online publications, digital art, and curatorial projects in their HQ, Johannesburg. The collective responds to commercial, cultural and technological super-hybridity through the filter of urban trends, material artifacts, and youthculture in contemporary post-post-colonial South Africa. For a number of events,including their ongoing series of curated platforms Video Party (2013- 014), they have used non-traditional spaces like shops to insert art into the everyday and democratize its audiences. For CUSS GROUP, who are attuned to digital developments in a globalized contemporary, the exclusionary constructs that are the legacy of political and colonial histories in the post-geographical realm of bots and trolls - as well as in artworld formats and institutions.