Louis Vanhaverbeke | CAMPO (Ghent)

entrance € 14,00 | reduced € 7,00

Cool-Down with Jana Gmelin after the performance on Oct 30th | Artist talk after the performance on Oct 31st, moderated by Felizitas Stilleke

English and Flemish, language skills not necessarily required

  • Alternative Sitz- und Liegemöglichkeiten
  • Rollstuhlgerecht
  • Induktive Höranlage

One of the most frequently searched questions on Google is: “How can I be normal?”. Normality seems to be an ideal for many people. In MIKADO REMIX Louis Vanhaverbeke deals with the compulsion for normality, which is simultaneously always an articulation of a longing for social integration. Individuals want to belong and be accepted. Adhering to the norm promises psychological peace, but it also gives rise to new compulsions. In MIKADO REMIX the limits of normality are as figurative as they are literal. Louis Vanhaverbeke, an accomplished handyman, fills the stage with hoardings, storage boxes and a fuse box. He creates unexpected combinations which spin out of control. The complex proceedings tip over into the uncanny. Vanhaverbeke keeps building, drilling and stacking. On an acoustic level too: here, he samples, raps and beatboxes. He gives spatial form to his inner world through DIY constructions, opens doors where previously there were only boundaries, and windows where, until recently, there were only mirrors.

Louis Vanhaverbeke was at SPIELART 2017 with MULTIVERSE.



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By and with Louis Vanhaverbeke Dramaturg Dries Douibi Videography Freek Willems Light and Sounddesign Bart Huybrechts Technicians Philippe Digneffe, Simon Van den Abeele

Louis Vanhaverbeke (*Ghent, 1988) creates performances and installations. In 2010 he completed his studies at the Atelier Mixed Media of Sint-Lucas Ghent (now LUCA) and in 2014 at the SNDO in Amsterdam. His artistic interests lie in the collision between different lifestyles and sub-cultures. Music, as a means of expressing identity, and objects – pieces of plastic, drum machines, little carts and all kinds of colourful equipment – play an important role in this. In interaction with these objects, Vanhaverbeke tries to locate and displace himself on the stage and in the world. In 2017 his play MULTIVERSE was performed at SPIELART.    

Production CAMPO Co-production Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2018, Beursschouwburg, le phénix, scène nationale Valenciennes, european creative hub Residencies Malpertuis Tielt, PACT Zollverein, Grand Theatre Groningen, De Grote Post Oostende, Arc - artist residency Romainmôtier, kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek Brussel