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Can an object be a performance? Can a première happen in the intimacy of a home? What could be new ways to connect artists and audience? Samara Editions is interested in these questions and invites artists to create new performances that can be sent to the audience by post.


For this Edition, Samara invites the choreographer Tamara Cubas from Uruguay. In MONNULA – DOLLS WHO MIGRATE thousands of dolls begin their journeys around the world. Each temporary host will choose a new point to send the doll and a travel diary to. MONNULA proposes an intimate, affective encounter that connects the historical and cultural origin of the doll with the person who receives it and its next addressees. The travel diary tells the story of the doll and the ancestral tradition of the community that makes it. Its blank pages provide each host with a space to share the experience of their encounter. MONNULA is also concerned with the tensions between religious, ritualistic, capitalist and environmental customs, material life and spiritual life, the West and indigenous peoples, and is interested in contrasts of possession and detachment, control and free movement. MONNULA is a collective, gestural performance and shared cartography that aims to create connections between worlds and people.


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Direction Tamara Cubas Dramaturgy Gabriel Calderón Curation Verónica Cordeiro Production and artistic research Alicia Laguna Artistic research and international relations Julia Asperska Grafic Design Francisco Lapetina.

Tamara Cubas is a choreographer, visual artist and culture producer from Uruguay. One of Tamara Cubas’ artistic research lines focuses on the Other. Tamara Cubas develops projects with non-professional performers and local communities. The recurring themes in her participatory works and immersive installations are history, homeland, power, political, interpersonal relationships, heterogeneity and dissent.


MONNULA is the third creation by Samara Editions, an independent performance production platform. Samara Editions commissions and produces performances that can be delivered to the audiences by post, inviting artists to imagine how their practice can be transformed into an object that creates a performative experience. The curatorial team is Eva Neklyaeva, Lisa Gilardino and Marco Cendron.


Co-Production Samara Editions | Vooruit Arts Center | SPIELART Theaterfestival | Teatro Línea de Sombra Special Thanks to The women of the Comca’ac community (Seri community) in Punta Chueca, Sonora, Mexico.