Bubblegum Club (Johannesburg)

entrance € 5,00


01.11. 21:00 – 21:30

Access: You will receive a zoom link after ticket purchase via E-Mail

In English

Trigger-Warning, mentions of: sexual assault, physical violence, explicit sexual content  | Age Recommendation: 18+


Please note that a part of the proceeds from Bubblegum Club are donated to sex workers


For this year’s SPIELART Theaterfestival the art collective Bubblegum Club – founded 2015 in Johannesburg –  bring you an online meta-performance held together at its narrative nucleus by a matrix of subversive questioning. A collaborative performance rooted at the intersections of Sex Work, the politics of subjective self-governance and controlling institutions of the nation state. In our contemporary age of hyper-connectivity, the collective taps into the fabricated connecting space of the internet to open the doors to the virtual red light district of South African Sex Workers. “We question and create, with a wink and critically playful smirk, at the intersection of art and commerce”, THE SEX CONGRESS existing as the imagined space the performance unfolds within. What do the lived social realities of individuals working in erotic economies in South Africa look like? What wishes, desires and perspectives for the future do South African Sex Workers have and are they all the same?


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Bubblegum Club seeks not so much to arrive at any definitive answer(s) to the questions of what/who and the how which determines what makes an artist. The collective formed in Johannesburg in 2015 and seeks to explore and provoke its own work and practice, ideas and spaces of being and becoming. The collective is organized as a company and resists a predetermined goal or need to arrive at something in its artistic practice. Bubblegum Club creates and questions at the intersection of art and commerce. The work is rooted in the ecstasies and failures of the practice itself - a space that has become their site of questioning. Their work has been shown in 2018 at Aperture Summer Open New York around Live Art Festival #8: Superspaces at Kampnagel Hamburg. In 2020, Bubblegum Club was part of the residency at A4 Arts Foundation, where the work CITY DEEP A VIRTUAL AFFECT PRACTICE was created.