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24.10. 20:00 – 21:45

Artist talk after the performance, moderated by Ruth Ortlieb (in German) | Access: live stream via our website

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The digital theatre project WERTHER.LIVE of the collectiv punktlive explores medial boundaries – in times of a pandemic and beyond. DIE LEIDEN DES JUNGEN WERTHER (THE SORROWS OF YOUNG WERTHER), written in 1774 by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, serves as a template for WERTHER.LIVE. The play was adapted for the virtual present time, theatre merges with social media and film: Ebay instead of dancing party, Skype instead of walk in the forest. Lotte and Werther fall in love with each other having replied to classified ads on eBay, and although they have never met in person, it knocks Lotte’s long-standing relationship off balance. How does Werther deal with his sorrows, and with ideas on suicide in the 21st century? And how do his friends cope with the fact that he is slipping away from them more and more? In a very powerful and intimate way, the piece enables the audience to perceive and experience these topics, in that they can immerse themselves into Werther’s and Wilhelm’s virtual actions.


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With Jonny Hoff, Klara Wördemann, Florian Gerteis, Michael Kranz Direction Cosmea Spelleken Live editing Lotta Schweikert Technology Leonard Wölfl Production management Sofie Anton

The theatre collective punktlive merges social media with film and theatre and looks for new forms of storytelling and for ways of linking these with the contents of (classical) stories. punktlive is a young, free group of theatre and film makers who have come together in a purely digital theatre play through their joint work on WERTHER.LIVE. WERTHER.LIVE was awarded the German Multimedia Prize 2020 and was chosen among the 10 best plays of the year 2020 at the Nachtkritik Theatertreffen 2021. The play was nominated for the Theatertreffen der Berliner Festspiele and is invited to the 38th Heidelberger Stückemarkt. The members of the collective are living and working throughout Germany and Austria and want to sound out the new forms of storytelling in film, theatre, and social media. The collective understands "digital theatre" as a new and independent art form for which a new language needs to be found. They believe: theatre can be more than just analogue. The digital reality of life in which we are all living, the use of media and social networks which has long become part of our everyday life – they can provide theatre with new storytelling possibilities.

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