03.11 - 06.11.2021


Despite the travel restrictions due to the pandemic, we want to conclude this year’s festival with another festival-within-the festival NEW FREQUENCIES. To this end, we have cooperated with several long-standing SPIELART partners. Boyzie Cekwana and Ogutu Muraya have developed mentoring projects with completely different orientations. SERIES X focuses on the engagement of the artists, who all work as cultural operators on the side, with their local environment. This gave rise to productions by Tegan Peacock, Adam Chienjo and SoKo, which will hopefully celebrate their premiere this summer in Pietermaritzburg, Nairobi, and Harare. The writer, theatre maker and storyteller Oguto Muraya founded the Maabara Exchange Theater, in the framework of which Esther Kamba and Wanjiku Mwawuganga will develop new plays. Already at the beginning of the pandemic, Studios Kabako, who were guest at the last SPIELART with two productions (BANATABA and CONGO), initiated the film LETTERS FROM THE CONTINENT, in which 21 artists from all parts of Africa spoke about their hopes and wishes. One of the artists introduced on that occasion, Qondiswa James, will now perform her monologue XOBULA INXEBA at SPIELART. Dorine Mokha, also represented in LETTRES, had his premiere with ENTRE DEUX III – TESTAMENT in January 2020, which we intended to show. Dorine suddenly died at the beginning of this year and left us a film of the same name which sets his art in reference to his life as a queer activist in the Democratic Repulic of Congo. These pieces will be supplemented by new works by Marilú Mmaapengo Námoda and Franziska Angerer.