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Calvin Ratladi | Chuma Sopotela (Johannesburg | Cape Town)

08.11. 17:45 – 18:30

09.11. 14:45 – 15:30

Studiobühne der Theaterwissenschaft München

entrance € 5,00 | reduced € 5,00

In English

  • Alternative Sitz- und Liegemöglichkeiten
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  • Induktive Höranlage

Our bodies know – (dis)abled or not
– there’s a presence of the past in our bodies with hope to heal the future.


DIKGARURU (disrupting the unrest) is a meditative, personal reflection. Using narrative elements from visions, dreams and historical rituals, the performer Calvin Ratladi explores aspects of life with and within a body considered to be disabled. The piece perceives the body as a political issue that needs to be resolved. In collaboration with the director Chuma Sopotela (who performed in SPIELART 2017 in THOSE GHELS, LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX und ROCK TO THE CORE), Calvin Ratladi explores psyche, longing and repression in the search for a utopia beyond the physical.

#Performance  #Body and Representation 

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Concept by Calvin Ratladi and Chuma Sopotela Directed by Chuma Sopotela Performed by Calvin Ratladi Design and Stage Management Noluthando Lobese


Calvin Ratladi is a trained artist living with a disability who stands for activism in issues about identity, politics of the body and giving voice to people living with disabilities. He is currently pursuing his Masters’ Degree in Theatre-making, employing praxis action research to investigate the director’s embodiment within a South African theatre-making context. He professionally freelances as a producer, director, writer, actor/performer, choreographer, fieldworker and arts administrator for different companies, institutions and organizations, including The Calvin Ratladi Foundation, The South African Theatre Village, William Kentridge’s The Centre for the Less Good Idea. He has worked with the National Arts Council of South Africa for script development projects, completed a screenwriting course with the NFVF Spark

Chuma Sopotela is a dancer, puppet player, and performance artist who lives and works in Cape Town. She has won numerous awards in South Africa and abroad; her works are part of numerous collaborative processes with different European theaters and theater festivals. She has performed at the Royal Shakespeare Courtyard Theatre in London; at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam on the invitation of the Dutch queen; and for Nelson Mandela on his ninetieth birthday. Chuma Sopotela‘s focus is on multidisciplinary work processes in the interconnection of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Production and realization

Realization in cooperation with Goethe-Institut