Ayu Permata Sari (Yogyakarta)

entrance € 7,00 | reduced € 5,00

This performance will be shown in a block with COMMISSION CONTINUA, BABA COME TO ME and STEPS. There is no admission between the pieces, the ticket is valid for the whole block.

No language skills required

  • Alternative Sitz- und Liegemöglichkeiten
  • Rollstuhlgerecht
  • Induktive Höranlage

Dangdut is perhaps the most popular style of music in Indonesia; it combines Malaysian-Indian pop music and Arabic rhythms. On the one hand, Dangdut performances offer the working class an opportunity for relaxation; on the other, in a society strongly influenced by Islam, they are regarded as a dubious pleasure because the female performers explicitly swivel their hips when dancing. Ayu Permata Sari, who is trained in both traditional and contemporary dance, has been researching the movement language of Dangdut for years, and in her dance performance she turns the perspective around: in local Dangdut clubs she does not focus on the women on stage but on the men in the audience. They move in a relaxed and sensual way to the music, on the one hand unconsciously imitating the female singers and on the other allowing their personal and professional background to become visible in their movement language. For them, Dangdut clubs are spaces in which they can detach themselves from the worries of everyday life. Ayu Permata Sari appropriates the movements of the Dangdut audience for a dance solo which both celebrates and reflects upon the escape from everyday life.

Dance Performance   Body and Representation  

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Choreographer and Dancer Ayu Permata Sari Dramaturg BM Anggana Music Arranger Jenar Kidjing Dangdut Songs Terajana (Roma Irama) and Kimcil Kepolen (by NDX, vocalist Ninda Fillas Putri)

Ayu Permata Sari was born in 1992 in the northern part of the Indonesian province of Lampung. She belongs to the Pepadun, one of two indigenous, mainly Muslim population groups in this region. She studied at the Indonesian Institute for the Arts in Yogyakarta, majoring in dance.  Subsequently, she founded her own company, the Ayu Permata Dance Company. In 2017 she was selected for a residency in Brussels as part of the Monsoon Europalis Festival. In 2018 she won an award for her work KAMI BUTA at the Asian Technology Festival in Johor in Malaysia. Shortly afterwards, she presented her piece TUBUHDANG TUBUHDUT at a showcase for young artists at the Indonesia Dance Festival as well as in Yogyakarta and Kuala Lumpur.  

Realization in cooperation with Goethe-Institut