Franziska Angerer (Munich)

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Einstein Kultur | Halle 3

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In Germany, it is an inexpensive houseplant and degenerating into a decorative disposable product, but actually, the African violet comes from the Usambara Mountains in Tansania. Fascinated by this alienation, the young stage director Franziska Angerer follows the traces of the plant on her windowsill and encounters bio-piracy and colonial structures in botany. In 1892, a colonial civil servant sent this plant to his father in Berlin. From there, it got into the hands of a seed grower who sent the seed all the way to the USA. In the installation sound space USAMBARAVEILCHEN, a transnational team of artists and scientists make the plant's voice heard. It becomes a witness and a protagonist connecting different voices beyond regions and continents, histories and systems. USAMBARAVEILCHEN retraces the plant's paths, reanimates lost perspectives and makes it sensually perceivable for the spectators and listeners.

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Franziska Angerer worked as a dancer, then studied theology and German studies, and later theatre direction at the Theaterakademie August Everding. While studying, she developed interdisciplinary music theatre projects and directed theatre productions at the Stadttheater Aschaffenburg and the Residenztheater Munich. Her production APOCALYPSE (NOT NOW) was invited to the Körberstudio Junge Regie. At the Staatstheater Darmstadt, she produced DICHTERLIEBE (POET'S LOVE) in the composition of Christian Jost as a piece of cinematic musical theatre, and the location-specific musical-theatre installation OSTHANG in the composition of Arne Gieshoff. Her musical-theatre installation WELCOME TO THE GARDEN, financially supported by the Fonds Darstellende Küste (Performing Arts Fund), celebrated its premiere in June 2021 in the Theater HochX in Munich. In November 2021, she will perform the sound installation USAMBARAVEILCHEN together with a transnational team within the framework of SPIELART, and will direct a production at the Landestheater Tübingen. 

Christine Börsch-Supan is a singer, composer and performer. She studied jazz singing and „digital music production and live electronics “ at the Hochschule für Musik (University of Music) in Würzburg. Her artistic focus is on the Band Hope, a quartet avantgarde pop formation, which founded in 2014. Besides Hope, she composes, sings and performs for theatre and dance productions, as well as interdisciplinary performances, such as the sound concept and voice for ECHO+NARZISS (Impulstanz Vienna, 2017), NARKOSIS (Open Spaces Berlin 2017), the immersive concert installation HOPE + MORITZ MAJCE (Pop-Kultur Berlin 2018) und RE-MEMBER  (Kampnagel Hamburg 2020).


Valentina Pino Reyes born in 1987 in Santiago de Chile, is a professionally trained theatre painter. Since 2015, she has studied stage and costume design with Prof. Katrin Brack at AdbK Munich. She worked as a stage designer for the productions KLEIN ZACHES, MEIN ZINNOBER (LITTLE ZACHES, MY CINNABAR) at the Münchner Kammerspiele, REGEL 5/22 (RULE 5/22) at the Otto Falkenberg Schule, AUF EWIG UNSER GESTERN (FOREVER OUR YESTERDAY) at the Residenztheater, APOKALYPSE (NOT NOW), invited to the Körber Studio 2018, METAMORPHOSEN (METAMORPHOSES) at the Theaterakademie August Everding, JUGEND OHNE GOTT (YOUTH(S) WITHOUT GOD) at the Landestheater Coburg, BLAUE STILLE (BLUE SILENCE) by Maya Arad Yasur at the Landestheater Schwaben and  WELCOME TO THE GARDEN at the Hoch X in Munich. USAMBARAVEILCHEN is already her fifth cooperation with the director Franziska Angerer.In addition, Valentina Pino Reyes conducts research on abandoned theatres in Chile.


Claude Jansen has been living in Hamburg since 1996 – since 2011 also temporarily in Capetown / South Africa. While she was studying applied theatre studies in Giessen, she became a founding member and performer of She She Pop. Following this, she spent 12 years with the transnational artists' label Hajusom. Since then, she has been working as a free-lance dramaturge and curator, she has been teaching at universities, conducting workshops and giving lectures – all of these activities with a focus on transnational (artistic) mediation and decolonisation practices between Africa and Europe. She devotes her work predominantly to subjects like animism and healing in art & academy. In 2019, she started her programme: FEMALE DECOLONISATION – THE RE-ENACTMENT OF THINGS, which she has developed and performed in co-operation with Bisrat Negassi. In 2020, these two women founded the transnational label and artists' collective COME IN TENT.


Aino Moongo is a Namibian woman, born in Oshakati, grew up in Angola, Sambia and Sweden. Since 2016, she has been the curator and founding member of the exhibition STOLEN MOMENTS: NAMIBIAN MUSIC HISTORY UNTOLD. The travelling exhibition was shown in Bayreuth, Basel, Berlin and London. Aino Moongo studied communication in Namibia and is currently in her master’s studies in Germany. Furthermore, she is working as an assistant curator for the exhibitions FUTURE AFRICA – VISIONS IN TIME in Windhoek, Namibia and SPACES – PERCEPTION. REFLEXION. IN-TER-VENTION in Bayreuth.


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