fachbetrieb rita grechen (Munich | Dresden)

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The period from 1900 to 1914 is our twin period – it is similar to the present because in both periods the future is seemingly open and uncertain, and there are many pressing questions. This contrasts entirely with the years in between, which, with two world wars and the Cold War, were explicitly heading towards victory or loss. The artists of fachbetrieb rita grechen pick up on this theory by Philipp Bloom. Central to their debate with this theory is the experience of nervousness and dizziness in the face of a reality that is no longer tangible, for the major questions from the beginning of the 20th century have still not been answered today: the deconstructed individual has not been rebuilt, the problem of capitalism has not been solved, the gender debates are far from over, and the hole left by the death of religion has not been filled.


With its music theatre installation, which consists of improvisations on a musical leitmotif, scenic work processes and videos, fachbetrieb rita grechen makes connections between emotions, inventions and events.

Performance   Politics and History   Music  

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With: fachbetrieb rita grechen is a network of artists in Leipzig, Munich, Vienna, Linz, Oslo and Basel that was founded in 2015. Its members come from backgrounds in music, theatre, directing, environmental technology, gastronomy, costume and stage design. The size and constellation of the team varies according to the project. Their aim is to conceive theatre and music in site-specific, multi-disciplinary ways, and beyond individual projects. In so doing, they give equal weight to the most varied influences, whether this means a philosophical theory, a concrete wall, a sound, a taste or a feeling.


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