Clara García Fraile (Barcelona)

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In English | Spanish passages with English subtitles

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On the night of 21st March in 2018, on my way home, I was handcuffed and kidnapped by two men in the streets of Amsterdam. (Clara García Fraile)


WHAT HAPPENED TO ME was originally developed as a way to deal with the emotional shock following that experience and to search for the ideological and social context where its grieve and physical memory could transcend the private realm and become a shared affair, the starting point for a conversation.

Reproducing the duration of the original events, we are told and re-told what happened through the voices of relatives and friends who didn’t directly take part, while pop and porn found imagery illustrates the narrations with a repetitive obstination that can’t be mere coincidence.

We are made witnesses of the clumpy and complex transformation of a lived traumatic experience into a story, or rather into a mesh of stories: with each version, variations accumulate, drifting between reality and fiction, between private, borrowed or unaware testimonies and fantasies. And what really happened lies somewhere in between all of them, wordlessly impregnating the bodies who lived it, belonging to no one, mimicking, perhaps, the birth of every history.

Film   Feminism   Migration and Refuge  

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Created by Clara García Fraile A film with Vera van Baal | Erin Hill | Viktorija Ilioska | Arturo García López | Magdalena Fraile Rivas | Pablo Sacristán | Biljana Radinoska | Tim Marijn Blaauw

Clara García Fraile, born in 1984 in Zamora, Spain, studied Performance and Visual Art at the University of Brighton. That is where she began – in collaboration with Sam Pearson – to work as Me and the Machine, creating numerous award-winning video installations and participative performances. From 2016 to 2018 she studied at DAS Theatre in Amsterdam. Since then, Clara García Fraile has developed a solo practice based on interventions and documented processes of research. Some of these were recently exhibited at the Centro Cultural Conde Duque in Madrid, Zürcher Theater Spektakel and the EYE film museum in Amsterdam. She's currently a scholarship holder in the Independent Studies Programme of MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona).

With the support of DAS Theatre