Simone Schlögl (Munich)

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04.11. 19:00 – 20:00

In German

  • Rollstuhlgerecht, eingeschränkt

Here you will be told how to effectively alleviate little ailments in everyday life with essential oils. A natural remedy for the health and well-being of the young and old. We will learn about the 10 most important essential oils as supplies in our medicine cabinet and how to use them properly. We will smell, feel and experience the properties of the oils, and experience the effect that aromatherapy has on our psyche and our body.


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Von | Mit Simone Schlögl

Simone Schlögl is an aroma consultant in Munich. During an Ayurveda cure in Sri Lanka, she first discovered the pure force of high-quality essential oils and their influence on our body and spirit. Since then, she has been practising holistic naturopathy intensively and attended several seminars in aromatherapy. Within a very short period of time, she achieved incredible success amongst all her clients with the application of the oils, and she is now consulting clients all over Germany.