Julia Schmid (Holzminden)

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02.11. 18:00 – 20:00

In German

  • Rollstuhlgerecht, eingeschränkt

Already in ancient times, essential oils were distilled, mainly as perfumes and fragrances. The process, which has been known since the Neolithic Age and was initially used as a method for obtaining pitch and tar, substances used for sealing, bonding and as a healing agent, was steadily improved over the centuries. Thus, other distillation products such as bitumen, alcohol and plant water were gradually discovered. In this workshop you will get an introduction to the history of perfume production - from ancient times to the present day.


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By | With Julia Schmid


Julia Schmid's most important instrument is her nose. She works for a leading fragrance manufacturer, scenting everything from toilet blocks to Fine Fragrence. The chemist works with perfumers to develop new creations every day, based on cultural influences, trends and consumer needs.