Sandra Chatterjee | Alexander Vits (Munich)

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27.10. 18:00 – 20:00

In German

  • Rollstuhlgerecht, eingeschränkt

A lecture on coffee, smells, colonial relations and forgetting


What smells do we associate with colonialism? What smells make us forget colonial relations? Is there a possibility to decolonise smells? In the lecture ‚Smells of Colonialism‘, Sandra Chatterjee, who has been dealing with movement and smells since 2019, asks scientific and artistic questions on the olfactory dimension of colonialism and racism. With a view to  colonial trade and Bremen as the capital city of coffee in Germany, and with a close link to Sandra Chatterjee‘s dance work with smells, the lecture scrutinises “colonial feelgood-smells” like coffee, chocolate, spices as well as incense and fragrance products which make us forget the olfactory dimensions of colonialism and racism.


Afterwards: Coffee Tasting with Vits Kaffee

Since May 2006, coffee roasting house Vits has been in existence with a café right in the centre of Munich in Rumfordstrasse 49. Under the motto „Diversity in every Respect“, the variety of flavours which coffee has to offer, is particularly dear to our hearts. 


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By | With Sandra Chatterjee Alexander Vits (Vits Kaffee)

Sandra Chatterjee is a choreographer interested in direct interaction and trying to involve senses we do not usually work with, such as smell.