NOSE - Making sense of scents

22.10. - 06.11.2021 Open every day from 17-22 h

Curated by Eva Neklyaeva


Admission to all events is free | No registration necessary


Please note that from tomorrow, 06.11, tightened Covid-19 regulations apply. For NOSE-Making sense of scents in the Köşk, the 2G regulation applies, people with a full vaccination certificate or a valid proof of recovery have access.


NOSE is a series of fragrant nights at KÖŞK, a daily, free program of events curated for your sense of smell. Listen to the smell of the last forest on earth. Follow the fragrant routes of spice migrations. Have a sound and scent bath. The NOSE is the olfactory center of SPIELART this year. Here, we follow the same topics as the rest of the festival, but with our noses. The sense of smell is the first one we use when we are born. Scents trigger emotions and memories directly, and have an impact on how we feel, how we relate to places and people. The scent is a cultural phenomenon. The way we articulate smells and create meanings around them is culturally and socially defined. The program of NOSE draws on the richness of recent sociological research on the way scents create osmologies – value systems attributed to smells. How is the smell involved in the mechanism of othering? What is the relationship between scent and power? How to render creation of scents more accessible? How easily are we manipulated by scents? Can we listen to the scents how we would listen to music? NOSE offers daily adventures for your olfactory system, inspired by Minna Salami’s concept of Sensuous Knowledge: “When something is sensuous, it affects not only your senses but your entire being – your mind, body and soul.” There will be performances, installations, concerts, workshops, lectures, activities for kids. Come with your family, your friends and your lovers. The bar is always open.



Curation Eva Neklyaeva Immersive venue set up Canedicoda | Happytime studio Milano | Pomo Art direction Art Pomo Display with conceptual scents by Holynose Perfumes | Maison Anonyme | Parfums Jazmin Saraï | Carla Bengtson | The Eyes Are Always There | Herbcraft Perfumery Photo exhibition advice Rahul Dhankani Dramaturgy Veronika Wagner


Production and realization