22.10 - 06.11.2021


RECOVER - the first chapter of REST OF THE STRUGGLE, at SPIELART Theaterfestival 2021 - attempts to offer moments of breath through the day, everyday for two weeks, by bringing together practices, their questions and journeys, that offer the possibility for recovery while you carry on with your life outside of and inside your home. We believe that each one of us has a poetic potential… that art and the arts should be a matter of the everyday – a way of life perhaps? What would happen if this latent potential is ever so gently nudged, on the daily? How would this change us as people, as societies? Audiences across borders and time zones are invited to subscribe to these two weeks of recovery, and participate at their own pace, in their own space and sometimes even at their own time. The artists remain at home, the audiences are at home too and in this dynamic, we search for a new possibility, a new definition of the international.


We begin the day with a MORNING BROADCAST and end it with a song. Each day, a new voice-based broadcast reaches your inbox, produced by writer and theatre director Neel Chaudhuri, offering perhaps a moment of pause before the start of the day, in listening to some ‘news’ in the morning. Then, people can search for 'Sukh' or repose and pleasure through YOGA (THE BARPS METHOD) - a yoga and somatics session with dancer, choreographer & yoga practitioner Navtej Johar, exploring an expansion and empowerment in letting our bodies be present and accepting, to find rest in doing as much as we can, rather than extend further and further to bend backwards or touch our toes. We dip into the ease that could be found in making sense of material from around the house in the doll-making sessions with filmmaker, doll maker & teacher Hansa Thapliyal, and theatre practitioner & master puppeteer Chetan Gangavane. They invite us to access ourselves and the world we occupy, through light and shadow and to weave our dolls in the day and night of it, letting our fingers rather than our busy mind take over, and make us travel. Their collaborator, Jayachandra Varma Rekandar, from Surabhi Theatre - one of the oldest family theatre groups in India,  gently pulls theatre into this playful mix.


Every now and then, in the two weeks, we will also have our engagements with comfort and rest questioned - made uncomfortable through narratives of discomfort in DISCOMFORT DISCO. Poet, performer & disability rights activist Abhishek Anicca, performer & research scholar in the performing arts Aman Mohammadi along with actor, self-taught artist, inter-sectional queer activist & writer Jyotsna Siddharth will, through their presence in your homes, provoke questions around privileges of rest and recovery. Who gets to rest? Who continues to struggle? What all is a struggle and what all can be considered rest? We follow their stories and provocations, together in our own homes, we also gather around different realities etched in diverse histories. Each day will end with a song through a HERE FOR YOU session by singer & composer Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy  - a practice she started during the devastating second wave of Covid-19 that swept through India recently, as a space to pause and catch your breath. And so, like we gently nudge poetics into our mornings, we try to open out to music as the sun goes down.


Audiences can also hang out with us in our REST ROOM, to listen to artists speak of questions around rest and recovery and to try and catch on to some common threads that are being woven across various practices.


But finally, really, at the core of it, at the heart of it, we invite you to form communities of rest that can recover together, that can find a together while being apart from each other. We invite you to sit under the proverbial tree for a while, pause and take a breath, before you dust yourself off and carry on.

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  • Participation is free of cost and open to all
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REST OF THE STRUGGLE is a long and winding koshish put together by Mallika Taneja. It is an attempt to search for existing and new spaces and strategies of and for rest. CHAPTER 1: RECOVER has been facilitated by Meghna Singh, Rishika Kaushik and Mallika Taneja. Original illustrations by Meghna Singh