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Platform: Telegram Channel | Registration: The link to the telegram channel for Morning Broadcast will be made available from 15th October | What You Need: Listen with headphones on; either in a moment or a movement of rest


The MORNING BROADCAST is not news.

It is not entertainment.

It is the bastard child of dreams and radio.

It advertises nothing but its own doubt.

It declares that its propaganda is unreliable.

It is a collection of words and sounds and silences, gathered and arranged on a timeline. It is poetry only by accident, a love letter to the waiting listener. It finds you simultaneously in the moment that you find it, like two strangers meeting at a corner. The broadcast will be available every morning. Listeners will receive a new voice note via a telegram channel at the start of their day.


MORNING BROADCAST will unfold over Telegram. To receive the broadcast in your inbox every morning, join the Telegram channel by scanning the QR-Code below, or by clicking here: 




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By | With Neel Chaudhuri

The genesis of this practice has its roots in a project by Sudhanva Deshpande, a practice of sending A POEM A DAY to listeners during the first lockdown in 2020.

Neel Chaudhuri is a playwright and theatre director based in New Delhi. He is a founder member and former Artistic Director of The Tadpole Repertory. Neel Chaudhuri studied history and film and spent a year working in Berlin before returning to India to work in the theatre. He was the Artistic Director of The First City Theatre Foundation (2007-09) where he wrote and directed his first five plays. His plays include GODSPEED (TFA Award for Creative Writing 2009), TARAMANDAL (The Hindu MetroPlus Playwright Award 2010), STILL AND STILL MOVING (developed in collaboration with the Royal Court Theatre, London) and most recently, QUICKSAND. He has worked as a sound designer with artists such as Jyoti Dogra, Third Space Collective and Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust. Neel Chaudhuri is a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab in New York, and PLUTO, a collective of six international theatre directors, whose first collaborative work BLACK BOX, premiered in Buenos Aires in 2020. He works actively as a repertory mentor with Aagaaz Theatre Trust and is a curator of Downstairs, an underground performance space in Delhi.