Hansa Thapliyal | Jayachandra Varma | Chetan Gangavane u.a. (Bengaluru | Hyderabad | Pinguli)

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22.10. 13:30 – 16:30 (CEST)  17:00 – 20:00 (IST)

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Platform: Zoom | Registration: starts on 15th October | All Materials From Home: Odds, ends, Bits of card, A twine, A torchlight or A candle instead! | For playful instructs about gathering things,
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In a folk story, god makes night to coax the hard working farmer to learn to rest. Rest shows us more than the simple step by step progression of our hard work, it turns us around, to gather our world, gently, into our tired arms, and rest with. THE DAY, THE NIGHT, AND THE MAGIC OF IT invites you to join the brave collaborative workshops with traditional puppeteers, artists from family theater groups and doll makers. Sit with others in our zoom rooms, let your fingers do the thinking and treat you to a new doll companion for your day. Moving through light and shadow, day and night, dream and story, with workshops interspersed with a short film sometimes, sometimes a piece of theater. Come, join us over these two weeks, for a day, a few days, or two weeks.


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DAY OF IT - Gudgudgudiya: Aditi Nayar, Hansa Thapliyal, Lipika Singh Darai, Milan Khanolkar 

MAGIC OF IT- Surabhi Jayachandra Varma with Surabhi Theatre (R. Harika Varma, V. Ajay Kumar, V. Jai Vardhan, V. Chenna Keshav, R. Padamaja Varma, R. Ravi Varma, R. Rupa Kumar, S.A. Shiva Shankar, R. Parnika Varma, V. Pavan) 

NIGHT OF IT - Chetan Parshuram Gangavane, Eknath Parshuram Gangavane



Gudgudgudiya is a gathering of doll makers. Hansa Thapliyal is a doll maker who is deeply interested in what the making of dolls might bring to each of us. She is also a filmmaker and writer and she feels that doll making, a freer, very personal act, has enabled her in her other practices and helped her to be lighter and more creative at the same time. Her recent film has been THE OUTSIDE IN, about, how making with everyday materials, might make openings in the prisons we find ourselves in. She will be the chief facilitator at a series of workshops conducted by various doll makers, including Milan Khanolkar, Lipika Singh Darai, Aditi Nayar. We will look at the scraps of day that we forget about, and play with those scraps to make dolls that might hold our hand and help us gently reflect on our day.



Surabhi Jayachandra Varma is a young director and one of the leaders of the almost 150 years old family theatre called Surabhi theatre. Being placed on stage when a few months old, he has since completed about 5,000 performances. He has also directed diverse plays for the theatre group, given the children of his group more prominence and taught at theatre workshops across the country. He has grown up in the environment of stage, stagecraft, painted backdrops, making mechanical effects and creating wonderful moments on stage, painting with light, decorating with costume and thrilling with illusion. Magic and Illusion as methods of storytelling are close to his practice and he will be chief facilitator at  workshops and demonstrations of that Magic in our programme.



Chetan Parshuram Gangavane is an artist, puppeteer and teacher who has worked to bring recognition to the 11 traditional art forms of the Thakkar community, to which he belongs. He himself performs puppetry with string, leather puppets and storytelling through and chitrakathi paintings. In 2016, he and family set up a museum, the Thakkar Adivasi Kala Aangan and Art Gallery- where the 11 traditional performing arts forms of the community are exhibited. He has collaborated with multiple Government and non Government organisations to revive these forms, collaborated with writers and thinkers, and been illustrator for some very interesting works. He will be chief facilitator in a series of workshops where we will gently look at shadows, shadow puppets and the coming of night.