Pankaj Tiwari (Balrampur | Amsterdam)



What motivations prompt artists and cultural practitioners to establish self-organised structures, and how do the conditions and challenges differ in various contexts? TENT, a mobile and temporary space designed by the artist Pankaj Tiwari for exchange and discourse, will host four conversations on the topic of 'self-organisation' between artists and cultural practitioners from local and international contexts. The audience is invited to join in the conversations, drink tea and take part in the joint dinner at TENT.

15:00 – 16:00
A conversation about the role of resources and how they shape the practice of self-organisation in different political contexts.
With Tammy Langtry | Sona Seyersen

16:00 – 17:00
A conversation about queering self-organisation and practices of research and programming.
With Anna Konjetzky (Playground) | Mai Strathmann (queer:raum) | Quindell Orton (queer:raum & Playground)

17:15 – 18:15
A conversation about self-organised and community-driven platforms in sonic cultures.
With Imaad Majeed (Radio Thattu Pattu) | Sianza Zink (Radio 80000)

18:15 – 19:15
A conversation about strategies of self-organisation as a tool when building your own path in the arts.
With Angelinah Maponya | Thalia Schoeller

19:00 – 20:00

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The artist and curator Pankaj Tiwari, born in India and currently living in Amsterdam, works as artistic director for international festivals and theatre collectives and was co-curator at Gessneralle Zürich from 2020 to 2023. In his work, he uses theatre, foodstuff, and agriculture as media for the development of communities. He was a 2022 stipendiary for the SPIELART Theatre Festival residency programme, and both PAPERPLANES and his own residency project TENT emerged from this.


Tammy Langtry works as a curator, cultural producer and researcher. A student of Art History, she wonders on the bridges between artistic practices to contemporary necessities for writing our histories and realities.
Tammy Langtry’s curatorial work negotiates South African Art History . Much of her exhibition making practice has considered post-apartheid (no)sense making through memory, psychological theory and cultural activism. She is interested in curatorial practice as cultural synthesis and the bridges between historicized artistic practice to contemporary art necessities.

Sona Seyersen is a Sound Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the new media industry and she’s part of G.Urban core team, mainly responsible for organizational and idea developing part. As an artist she worked in projects which combine visuals and sounds, her works are mainly concentrated on 44 day Artsakh war, that happened in 2020. Sona graduated from YSU Arabic studies which impacted her visions as an artist and later on studied journalism from where started her career as a podcast producer and sound engineer. She participated in different festivals as a visual and sound artist.


Since 2005, Anna Konjetzky has been creating dance pieces and dance installations that are thematically and physically characterised by sociopolitical debate. Her works have been shown around the globe, at TEMPO_FESTIVAL Rio de Janeiro, CoFestival Ljubljana and at TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA, to name but a few instances. She develops workshop formats, discussion panels and research co-operations for the exchange with other artists. She lives and works in Munich and Athens.

Quindell Orton (she/they) is a dance artist based in Munich since 2016, performing, researching, facilitating, and choreographing. Quindell Orton holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance with Honours from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and is part of the artist run space “Playground”, which facilitates events and research in the field of a queer, feminist discourse. In their practice Quindell Orton is interested in the body in context, the body as material and as a reflective tool.

Mai Strathmann (they/them/Mai) works as a make-up artist at various theatres in Munich, is part of a political education collective and an awareness agency. They were also involved in the founding of "queer:raum", a collective of queer artists. Together with the collective, Mai Strathmann was able to realise exhibitions last year, which took place in the premises of the Munich Aids-Hilfe and in the Habibi Kiosk (Münchener Kammerspiele), among others.


Imaad Majeed is a multidisciplinary artist living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. They are the director and curator of trilingual performance platform KACHA KACHA and write musical journalism contributions for international music blogs. Imaad Majeed additionally co-curates Thattu Pattu – a platform digitally uniting musicians of the Sri Lankan periphery. Their literature has been published in numerous magazines.

Sianza Zink is a DJ, freelance artist and part of the team behind Radio 80000. Her focus is on program development and event planning.
Besides studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, she has been active in the city's music and club scene for years and is committed to gender diversity and cultural exchange.


Angelinah Maponya is a visual storyteller and performer in their dramaturgical training. They completed their dual master program in International Dramaturgy at Cape Town University and the University of Amsterdam and currently works as a Design Lecturer and Supervisor at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, Angelinah is interested in generative art through research and unpacks socio-political disparities through interdisciplinarity in live performance. Their recent work TIES premiered at Johannesburg’s THE FORGE.

Thalia Schoeller is a young theatre-maker from Munich. Their work focusses on communal audience-experiences, often in forms of 1on1 settings with performers in artificial spaces. They work as a director and dramaturg as well as studying fine arts. Thalia holds the strong belief, that theatre is political, and organizes spaces that strive to work against exclusion of young people from all backgrounds and people without access to art-academies. As part of this work they give talks and write articles on adultism. They are also part of the intersectional queer feminist artists-collective queer:raum. 


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16:00 Talk
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19:00 Dinner


Wheelchair accessible