Stella Deborah Traub

Foray along the Munich theatre walls

Photographer Stella Deborah Traub embarked on a foray along the Munich theatre walls, capturing the SPIELART ‘off’ venues.

Which pictures lie beyond the fourth and on the fifth wall? Maybe some dandelions proliferate from the seventh; and in the eighth one, there is a crack. What sort of wood makes up the proverbial ‘planks’? What do we see before we watch theatre? What comes afterwards? What ashtray do we choose to put out our cigarettes in during intermission? How do we get there – and how do we get away again?

Stella Deborah Traub contemplates the sites before the onset of rehearsals, after closing time, completely devoid of play.


About Stella Deborah Traub

Stella Deborah Traub is a freelance photographer and studies Documentary Film Direction at the HFF Munich. She is part of the interdisciplinary artist collective queer:raum. In her photography, Stella Deborah Traub deals with people, landscapes, colours and the interactions of these components. Her works often address queer feminist approaches and social class relations.