Ursula Gisemba


A typical piece of writing carries its own story in this way: writer writes, writer uses a medium of distribution, writing gets to the audience, then… hopefully… the audience actively participates and revels in the story’s world building process. In some way, every writer hopes that even if you picture the world differently, you will enjoy and be lost in the chain of story. 

But what if we make this piece an active practice for both writer and reader?

An Exercise in Intrusive Collaboration

Here, let me move you to my reflections and attempt to pull you into active participation; welcome you into some peculiar reflections I have had in my residency. 

To enjoy this, move to a safe space and enjoy each point with the action. If you happen to open this too far from somewhere you love, do not underestimate the power of imagination, just be careful not to be carried away.

I have learnt: 

1. To talk to the trees… They really want your company.  Don’t be weary of shaky leaves in the night, they are just saying hello. 
(Walk up to a plant and tell it about your day. Fake plants and images from google apply too.)

2. The music of the birds is as inspiring as the playlist on Spotify, learn this new genre by heart.
(Stare at a bird; aeroplanes apply too! Watch how it dances and try to hum to this movement.)

3. Your voice is your voice. Listen closely to how you speak, not so much at the tone, just what you say…
(From here, always listen closely to how you perceive each sentence. This is often tied to how you respond to others and yourself.)

4. There isn’t much to do but you will never exhaust what you have to do.
(What have you not done this month that was on your to-do list? Okay, don’t feel too sad, I didn’t make it to the Deutsch museum after 3 months in Munich.)

5. Find your rhythm even in your blues.
(Find your favourite saddest song – dance to it today. If it’s slow, jump to it… Otherwise, I’m sure there’s a techno remix that could help you get in the groove.)