GGGNHM – guggenheim in munich?

GGGNHM (Guggenheim), presented by Vienna-based collective God’s Entertainment, designates an inflatable version of New York’s venerable modern art museum. Premiered in Vienna in 2020 before going on to be shown at the Innsbruck International Biennial of the Arts and Impulse Theatre Festival in Düsseldorf, the walk-in installation will now transform Max-Joseph-Platz in Munich into the starting point for a restructuring of public space. As a simultaneous social sculpture as well as an exhibition space, GGGNHM enables encounters between artists, festival visitors, passers-by, and a diverse number of civil society protagonists from the city.

The GGGNHM will open its doors with the  DEUTSCHKURS oder GOETHE IN 15 TAGEN (GERMAN CLASS or GOETHE IN 15 DAYS) exhibition on 20. October, 2023. Its associated supporting programme of performances and installations seeks to inspire dialogue with Munich’s international urban community. Germany is one of the main migratory destinations, especially from the Western Balkans; acquiring German language skills holds a special significance there. Based on the individual experiences and absurdities that people have had and still have to face in connection with their own or their parents' and grandparents' migration, the GGGNHM Munich edition issues an invitation to address the topics of (dis)integration, labour migration, and the power of language.


The GGGNHM will be open from 20 October to 4 November.

About God’s Entertainment

The works of the Vienna-based collective God’s Entertainment are situated at the intersections of performance, happening, visual arts, and sound, oftentimes found in confrontation with Austria’s political and cultural identity. God’s Entertainment is not limited to the theatre stage in their choice of playing field: Actions are constantly taking place in public space, putting a focus on the participatory inclusion of the audience. Since their inception in 2005, more than 100 productions in various formats have been realised.


GGGNHM – guggenheim in münchen?