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What do the love songs we need today sound like? Together with pianist Carlos Cipa, musician and author Mira Mann wrote new love songs for her second performance at SPIELART Theatre Festival. In a resolute contrast to a world full of power abuse, discrimination and hard edges, they write tenderly and delicately, open and vulnerable, as lovers. Inspired by Middle High German minstrel songs, such as Walther von der Vogelweide’s “Unter den Linden” or Dietmar von Aist’s “Der wäre mir ein zit”, Carlos Cipa and Mira Mann narrate of love in the present times. Of devotion, lust and shame, of violence, and trust.

Art as a space to confront one’s own vulnerability, to acknowledge it, to embrace it. So, they create a post-patriarchal minstrel song in ICH LIEG SO GERNE BEI DEN BLUMEN in which listeners can lie down into, wrapped up as if in a soft blanket: “Ich vertrau auf eure Blicke / Ich leg mich einfach hin” (“I trust in your glances / I will simply lie down”).


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Munich-based Mira Mann has been a significant force in the city’s cultural landscape, as a musician, author, and curator, for years. She co-founded the all-female post-punk band Candelilla with friends from school in 2001, which constituted a self-evident alternative concept to the male-dominated field of pop music, more than twenty years ago. She presented her solo debut ICH MAG DAS in Munich’s Blitz techno club, during SPIELART Theatre Festival, in 2019. There, as well as at the Munich Kammerspiele, she and Daniela Schroll have been co-hosting evenings and workshops featuring text, music, and performance under the title INTIMACY QUARTERLY for the last two years now.

Carlos Cipa is a composer and pianist at the crossroads of contemporary classics and experimental pop. Cipa, with more than 200 concerts throughout Europe, has proven that his music is equally capable of thrilling audiences in both classical concert hall settings and at large pop music festivals such as Haldern Pop or MS Dockville. Since 2022, he is the co-founder of the new ‘Feet become Ears’ concert series, featuring contemporary chamber music, in Munich and Leipzig.

Laura Fries is a costume designer and stylist. She co-founded costume collective FRECK together with Carolin Schreck in 2016. Since then, she has designed costumes for several cinematic, TV, and art film productions. Close collaboration ensued with directors Chiara Grabmayr and Jovana Reisinger, musician Mira Mann, and photographer Tonda Bardehle, among others. With FRECK, she devised the costume designs for the ZDF series ‘Fett und Fett’. For the Squama label, she contributed to a number of music videos, most recently for Mongolian singer Enji.

Daniela Schroll is a graduated theatre scholar and has been working as an artistic production manager in Munich, Berlin, and Leipzig for several years now. She has been working at the artistic operations office at Münchner Kammerspiele, where she is a MK music programme co-curator, for the last five years. Aside from this, she is also part of the independent Munich-based theatre collective service not included. Since 2002, she and Mira Mann have been co-establishing the ongoing further development of the experimental pop music series INTIMACY QUARTERLY.

Cornelia Pazmandi works as a musician, producer, and cultural manager. She was the booker for the Milla Club from 2017 until 2022; a club with more than 200 concerts and interdisciplinary formats per year. As a producer and musician, Pazmandi composes and realises music productions in the arts and theatre scene, lately in the ensemble at Münchner Volkstheater. With her art pop music project Tiger Tiger, she most currently released her EP Leave My Body in June of 2023. Pazmandi is one of the co-founders of Munich’s ZIRKA, where she is mainly responsible for the cultural programme.


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